Thursday, February 16, 2012

Music for the Soul

I have to admit I am a fan of Opera and Classical music....there, I've said it, and I'm glad!

Being a long existing fan of Pavarotti, tenors have a special place in my heart of hearts. The beauty of their voices is incomparable, and can create a wide variety of emotions, whether the words are understood or not.

So when I happened to preview a few songs from the 4 tenors IL DIVO, I was automatically caught up in the richness of their mixed styles of singing. There are the lighter, more lyrical types, and there is one who has such a "meaty" timbre that it is impossible not to become besotted by the sounds that issue from deep within him.

I'm not sure which voice belongs to which handsome face of the 4 young men, but I have one that sort of matches what I think he should look like. (since writing this I have viewed more UTube performances, and I know I was correct in choosing the one I did! Who says you can't tell by simply seeing the person?) The link below is another UTube video of them receiving a prestigious award in the UK.


I've just received their CD "ANCORA", and have already listened in rapture through 5 repeat plays. One of the highlights is "I BELIEVE IN YOU" with a guest appearance by Celine Dion. It is breathtaking!

So I guess the real reason I felt I had to write this is to share with anyone who has never experienced these extremely talented young men who sing in English, Italian, French and Spanish, the popular songs of the today. Somehow the lyrics sung in languages that I, personally, do not understand, add a mystique that just draws you in and enraptures your spirit.

Please at least go to Amazon and preview some of their albums....although 30 seconds is not really enough to get the whole picture. There are also videos of them on UTube, so go and enjoy!

Actually when I first found IL DIVO, I was looking for a younger group of 3 tenors with a name very similar...IL VOLO. They are teenagers with phenomenal voices for their age, and I am sure that they too will become recognized for their tremendous talent

And just to change the mood a bit, here is my all time favorite UTube video. One that makes me cry every time I watch it, as I can identify with this older woman, just looking for a chance to make something of herself...and look where she is today! A wonderful story of guts, courage and talent. Susan Boyle..