Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally back...

Didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted anything here. My time flies, etc.,etc.

So far this has been the hottest July on record here in Connecticut. And to prove it I actually broke down and bought an AC for my bedroom. First time I've ever had one, so guess the record book is correct. Decided it was about time I was able to sleep in a less than 85 degree room. What a lovely change! Although last night I actually opened a window and didn't need a fan or the AC. That of course will change by tomorrow, but it was nice while it lasted.

My Lucy cat had to go to the vet last week to have her lower left teeth removed and ended up staying for 2 nights. Plus the surgery and meds which I can not get her to take, the bill was just over $600. So much for paying anything on my oil bill this month.

They also put a piece of tape on one of her front paws to stop some bleeding when they tried to remove an ingrown dew claw,and she won't allow me to remove it, so every now and then I hear a snap and grab when she tries to loosen it herself, but to no avail. So now, if I can catch her and get her into her carrier on Wednesday, the vet checkup will prove just how inept I am. Unable to handle a 7 lb. cat who has me tied around her little shaved paw!

But other than those minor trials and tribulations, I've been busy creating some fabric flowers for bib necklaces, pins and hair combs.

Also working on a bib necklace using many Swarovski sew-on rhinestones. It's going to be gorgeous in reds, golds, black, metallics of all warm tones on black velvet with a leather backing. Getting pretty heavy, so may have to put it on chain rather than the velvet ribbon I was originally planning on, but will see when it's closer to completion. Should only take another couple of nites while watching TV.

Check out the bottom of the page for my new "Handmade Certification" badge from Artfire~ Pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.