Monday, October 12, 2009

Went to my first Renaissance Faire!

Yesterday my niece and I went to the Hebron,CT Ren Faire and had a great day in the fresh air and bright sunshine!

I had made a pirate costume that I was planning on wearing myself, but as I completed pieces it appeared that if my 5'1" frame wore all that I had created, I'd look a lot more like Henry VIII than a dashing pirate, so I convinced my niece to do the dressing up, and it was a very wise choice.

The coat started out as a winter coat for me a few years ago (at least 8) and was no longer a viable garment for my added weight, so I cut off the lapels, changed the armholes, shortened the length, added godets at the sides and center back and lined it in a bright fuchsia satin, and made new sleeves with deep cuffs. Good thing I found the extra fabric stowed away in the attic, or it never would have been possible.

I bought a wool felt blocked hat form, and transformed it into a tricorn, and added feathers around the brim and a pirate cutlass embellishment with a rhinestone skull and cross bones hanging from it. The peacock feathers were added for a bit more jaunty look.

The jerkin was originally a black suede jumper from the 80's, which I cut apart and added a heavy crepe back to. Added lacing D-rings to the top front, and laced black rawhide strings through to tie.

The shirt was made from a piece of vintage cotton that I had purchased waaaaaay back and it worked up beautifully. It has a tie neck and long sleeves with drawstring at the wrists and graduated ruffle that falls over the hand.

The costumes worn by the performers were very well done, and most were true to the period as far as fabric was concerned, and I think my outfit was as realistic as any of theirs...but then I'm rather predjudiced!

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