Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Demi-corset and wench blouse finished

Finished the demi-corset and the white wench blouse, as well as the white with blue tattersol check Victorian walking skirt.

Have listed the corset, but not the others as I've not edited the photos yet. Got my busty niece to model the wench blouse and corset and it looks great!

Have a bunch more fabric on hand that I want to start some more lavish Renaissance dresses with, just have to find the time.

Working on a commoner shirt with tons of pin tucking on the sleeves and front opening. Not the best pin tucks I've ever seen, but with more practice I should have it figured out so the custom shirt I'll be doing will have a more consistent spacing. Those little buggers are tough to do evenly without a line to go by. I did press each before machine stitching, but made a few spacial errors between the rows. Learning a few new tricks with my new it cuts the thread when you're cool is that?

Bought a few new patterns today to use as basis for some new designs...pirates, and Elizabethan gowns, and another style of Renaissance dress. Also got some gridded pattern non-woven stuff to draft them with. Haven't had the grid style in a while and it will really come in handy when I draft the actual reproduction pieces from the 1800's.

Added my link to business page, but have no fans so it looks rather forlorn all empty like that! I still don't know how to get it to show up on my Facebook public page, but don't have much traffic there either so probably wouldn't make a whole lot of difference anyway.

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