Sunday, August 9, 2009

Custom items finished

Well the commissioned top that I built the bright colored fabric for (see a previous post for pics.) is completed, actually has been finished for about a week and a half. Haven't figured out a way to photograph it yet, as the neckline is so wide the top slides off hangers, and my mannequin, so guess i'll have to hang it on the clothesline and see how that option goes.

Since that was completed, I have had a bit of a revelation, and a definite change in my M.O. all because of a post in Art Fire's Forum. I asked if anyone thought there might be a market for Victorian period costumes and/or RenFest garments, and was told that there was a definite niche market for each and why not go for it.

Since making costumes has always been my first love, I decided to jump in and try it. A gal who read the thread commissioned me to do a pair of breeches and a shirt for her, and sent me her old set to use as a pattern, so the breeches are finished, paid for and mailed already. The shirt still needs to have the right fabric found, but that is coming along also.

Last night I cut out a Victorian Walking Skirt in a good weight cotton poplin, which is white ground with a royal blue tattersol plaid print. It is a 7 gore skirt of the 1890's and should be great when completed. Also plan on doing a petticoat to go under it in bleached muslin.

I already listed the breeches as a custom item to be ordered in buyers size and specifics, and plan to do the same with the skirt, which will serve as a sample for skirts in any fabric.

It will be a little difficult to price these even though the work will be the same no matter what fabric is used, but more expensive fabrics like faille, heavy taffeta, brocades etc. will be more costly, so I may just list the cost of the construction and add that choice of fabric will determine final price.

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