Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christmas in July at Artfire

Right now on Artfire, you will find a whole mess of sellers who have great sales offerings for the month of July.

Everything from free shipping to 10% off, to 25% off!

The Trends Section will have a listing of all the shops who are participating, and having a look at them will keep you busy for at least an hour or so!

My Fabric Annex studio is having a 10% off all merchandise and everything is already marked down.

Spent about 2 hours last night putting CIJS in my tags, and everyone else who is participating is doing the same, so another way to find who is selling goodies, is to type that in search. Should bring up a lot of names and studios.

My 4th of July was really a downer! All I did was clean the litter boxes and play games on Pogo!

What an exciting life I lead. The next door neighbors cooked hamburgers on the grill and they really smelled great. Tonight for about an hour from 9pm the city fireworks sounds will be wafting my way.

Unfortunately there are too many trees in the way to see the sky where they will be displayed. I'll just watch the Boston Symphony as usual and enjoy their displays.

I actually signed up for a Twitter account and am following a half dozen folks so far. Don't expect to have a lot of followers, as I'm not haunting the place like some people do....not too much to twitter about!

Going to go do some work on listing in my studio, so will end this exciting bit of literary genius.