Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Astonishing Performance on Britain's Got Talent!!!

A couple of days ago I experienced the most wonderful feeling of pride in women who have guts, and the ability to astound even the most skeptical of critics when I watched the UTube tape of
Susan Boyle, a 47 year old woman, from a small village in Scotland, who is single, jobless, and living alone with her cat Pebbles.

She astounded the judges and the audience of Britain's Got Talent by singing the most beautiful song from "Les Mis", 'I Had a Dream', and she had me in tears and a total basket case with her spectacular voice and stage presence....and every day when I listen to it over and over, the tears flow every time! What a gift she has!

This woman had never sung before a large audience before, and when she first came out on that stage you had to really strain to see her nervousness, as she hid it well, and certainly did not exhibit any telltale signs to suggest this was anything out of the ordinary for her!

She so impressed me that I haven't been able to stop thinking about her wonderful performance. I worked in local theatre for over 30 years, and there were a lot of very talented people involved, but this woman was head and shoulders above any I have ever performed with. Her desire to be as good as Elaine Page is not a dream that is out of reach for her, in my humble opinion.

There are still many weeks left before the finals begin, as this was only the second week of auditions, but she will be back for the finals, and if she doesn't win, it certainly won't be for lack of trying or talent.

Here is the link to her spectacular performance... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk