Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Shop on Artfire!

Trying out another shop on Art Fire, this time my destash fabrics. Bringing over a lot of pieces from the Etsy shop, and will be adding new items as I go along.

Since Artfire is just a monthly fee, rather than listing fee, and commission, I hope that this one takes off as well as the first one did. I haven't been adding a whole lot of new things on Etsy, in any of the shops, since I've also started a Vintage studio on Artfire, which currently has only some of my 1980's shoes...sizes 5 1/5 to 6 1.2M.

Been polishing with good wax polish and buffing to a gleaming shine! But ofcourse the nails are a bit the worse for wear. In fact the polish, which is still in A-1 condition, dates from back then also. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the little tins of Esquire and Shinola were just as moist as they were 25 years ago! Guess they don't make things like they used to!

Just finished a custom belt for a wedding dress, which uses a rhinestone clasp buckle that belonged to my Mother. It came out very well, if you ask my opinion, and I think the bride will approve! Will probably send that out by Wednesday.

Made my first duvet cover this past week...for a twin bed...not that bad, you say? Believe me it was not a happy time of my life! Who knew that schlepping all that fabric (sheet plus topping fabric) all over my sewing machine, would make my shoulders ache for 3 days! Don't think I'll be bidding on any on Etsy or Art Fire, as the price of my pain is way too high for anyone to pay!

Will get up a link for the vintage studio when I post this. It's called
"Attic Closet Vintage"...which is rather appropos since that's where most of my 'stuff' the gigantic closet/storage warehouse!