Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now Selling on Art Fire

I have opened a studio on Art Fire, and currently have about 20 items listed, with more to come, as I get my photos edited, etc.

No sales yet, but hopefully soon people will be getting their income tax refunds and will be buying again.

Starting to make some new bags, and pouches which will be listed, and would love to find a wholesale outlet for the zipper pouches, as I have cut hundreds of fabrics to make them from. If I don't use it for the pouches, maybe I'll do some of those patch jackets with the irregular rectangular shapes...heck, I could make a circus tent with what I have cut! Course I could never handle the size, but could do it in sections....hmmmm food for thought.

All my shops on Etsy have slowed to a dead stop, with hardly any views and no sales in 3 weeks. There's something going on there with the listings that has everyone up in arms and I'm just getting tired of all the political games they are playing. May just let everything expire and go full force on Art Fire. Only $7 a month for life, since I got in on the first 5,000 artists. The numbers have dropped below 3,000 for the spots left, so if I plan to have another shop there for my fabric and/or vintage,supplies guess I better do it soon.

Gonna get some supper, at last, so will say goodnight Gracie.....

Store not available

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Return to Blog Land

I'd love to be able to say that I have been traveling the world without access to a computer, and that is the reason I've not posted in over 6 months, but sorry to say that is not the case!

As I said in my long ago previous post, I'm not much of a journal keeper and since my life is pretty ordinary, (read that as boring), except for the occasional aches and pains of old age, I really don't feel that a daily post would interest anyone, even me.

Since I have signed on to follow a new blog for Art Fire, I thought I should at least update this to the present...2009...

I joined Art Fire early in December, and although I have yet to sell anything there, the chance to once again be in the Beta stage of a site development appealed to me, and I thought I'd bring my wisdom of the ages along for all those "youngsters" who are just starting out.

Craft shows for the Christmas season were pretty good this year, and I did really well at the Bethlehem Christmas Festival (CT), due primarily to a change in location, a different building, from the one I had been in for the previous 2 years.

I also made sure that the items I brought to sell were lower in price than my previous collections, due to the down turn in the economy, and I think this helped a lot. I did have some more expensive jewelry pieces along, and everyone commented on them, but of course no one purchased them. Items ranging from $6 to $15 were the most popular, and so I'll probably stick with that range for future shows. Surprisingly earrings didn't move very well this year...only sold 2 pair I think, and they are mostly in that price range.

This winter has made it necessary to stay indoors a great deal, unless out shoveling snow or chipping away at ice...just came in from doing just I've been photographing some of the wood based jewelry pieces, magnets and buttons that
I made specifically for the shows. Adding a few at a time to both Etsy and Art Fire, but only sold a set of scrabble buttons to a lady in the Netherlands...guess you have to be European to appreciate my the scrabble magnets, pins and pendants sold very well at the shows. The scrabble jewelry rage has not hit New England yet, to any great extent, but I did sell some over the holidays at the shop in Sandy Hook, CT where I have a mess of things consigned. So maybe there is hope yet.

I'm hoping to get some vintage clothes into my Etcetera Emporium on Etsy, as soon as I can get them organized, steamed and cleaned. They are mostly from my sister's 1960's wardrobe, as well as some of my own hand made dresses, etc. Probably have some pieces stored away from my costuming days when I haunted the Salvation Army thrift shop here in Waterbury, which is now gone...sigh :( Once the weather gets a bit warmer (3 months from now?) I'll dig out all the stuff that's fit to sell and get it on the site. Maybe I will eventually be able to walk through the attic without turning sideways!

Ok, enough catch up for this session. Check back in 6 months for the next installment, unless something earth shattering occures and I manage to post sooner!