Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just a little behind in my writing!

Can't believe it has been 3 months since I last visited this place, much less written anything. I'm not a journal keeper, and I guess it shows in the fact that I do not keep this 'open forum diary' up to date.

Etsy has been very slow for the last month, and I made one sale yesterday in Fabric Annex, for 1 yard of fabric. Hoping it is the start of a busier time, but not really counting on it.

I took over a hundred photos this evening of about 25 pairs of earrings that I plan to put on sale for the "Etsy Yart Sale" from June 11 to 20th. All of the ESST Team are participating, (that's commercial supplies on Etsy, for anyone not familiar with the teams) and I think a few other shops with handmade items are also going to join us. The photos I took (if I can ever get them edited) are for my other shop, Eclectic Oddities, under the user name of NoDuplicates. The sale is an artistic way of having a "yard" sale, and a lot of items are going to be on sale and clearance during that 10 day period. I'll probably put some of my older listings on sale in Fabric Annex, as I'm finding it difficult to find places to keep all the boxes of listed it's got to go before I can list more new stuff to keep the destash going out the door.

The editing was not happening tonight, as Photoshop Elem. was not cooperating at all and kept freezing up, so in nearly 2 hours, I managed to edit 4 pictures...not the happiest of times! Hopefully when I turn the machine on fresh tomorrow it will be more receptive to my commands.

As far as new items for Eclectic Oddities, I'm currently working on a Plus Size sundress with a baby doll top and a 7 tiered gypsy style skirt bottom. I am using a group of over 90 fabrics with a Serengeti Plains theme featuring browns, oranges, animal skin prints and a few pieces with actual animals depicted. There are some tribal prints as well, so it is a very colorful but earthy looking piece.

Total yardage of all the different prints is over 15 yards, and the bottom tier will be over 11 yards around. Gathering all that yardage is really hard on the old arthritic shoulders, so I can only do about 1 1/2 tiers per day, otherwise I'd have to be on some heavy duty pain killers! This way I can make due with Aleve! :b

I also designed and cut out 4 new style handbags, which haven't touched the machine yet, and I also have a short sleeved dress in a gorgeous cerulean blue crinkle cotton, and a kimono style jacket cut for my Plus Size line, but here again, haven't gotten to sewing on them yet.

I'm going to try to get back here at least once a week (month?) to keep this somewhat current, but my life is rather dull, and I hate to bore everyone with a mundane everyday entry, just to say I "blogged today"...not a big priority here! In case you hadn't already figured that out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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