Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Festival in Bethlehem, CT. Dec.7 & 8th

Well, the show is coming up in 5 days, and I'm still madly creating new pieces to take, to entice some folks to purchase my wares. Madly stringing beads into necklaces, some iPod charms, eyeglass leashes, bookmarks, earrings, and tree decorations.

Was going to make a few more handbags, but I think the jewelry and accessories sell better since they are lower in price, and they did so well for me last year, so figured I'd go with what worked before.

A couple of days ago the weather man said that Friday looked like good weather, now this evening there is a snow storm looming! Sure hope it is diverted, since the show doesn't provide a snow date, and I'm not at all sure we could get our money back. That would be a large downer, especially for my oil I promised to pay my rather large balance (from last May) with the proceeds...oops!

So other than making more product, I also have to make a table cover for an 8' table, which I am renting from them. I have a 6' one that I may be able to alter, but not sure.
I also may have to buy a 4'table to make up the 12' space I paid for, unless I can figure out how to use my folding screen in the 4' space, without totally covering the people next to me! Not a good public relations ploy!

Etsy is really slow for me, both Eclectic Oddities, and Fabric Annex...had one sale over the weekend, so guess I've missed out on the Christmas rush, since the mailing cut off date is coming quickly. But what else is new? Last year was dreadful too, and the only thing that saved me was the Bethlehem Show. Needless to say, I'll really be doing a NO-SNOW dance on Thursday nite.

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