Monday, August 20, 2007

Nearly the End of August !

Well another week has begun and it's a dreary overcast day, but nice and cool, so I'm not complaining.

Actually went out to dinner last night with my old friend Pat, and then we went to see "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". It's the first time I've seen one of the series on the "big screen"...quite a difference from a tv experience.

Really enjoyed myself, even thought Pat had to convince me to leave the house! Guess I'll have to do it more often, since my frame of mind is a lot better today than it has been for a while.

No sales over the weekend, but nothing new there. Anything that sells, usually goes during the week....strange, but I guess during the summer folks do other things than shop on weekends....that is, those folks who have a normal life style.

Bought a bunch of tutorials from Eni Oken and plan to try some of them out this week. Love the look of wire wrapping, now have to master the techniques. Not sure if I'll add any to my shop, but will definitely have some for the show in Bethlehem (CT) the first weekend of December.

Gotta get something for "breakfast" so will continue later or tomorrow.

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