Friday, August 17, 2007

I really must get a life!

I'm back once again....there has to be more to my life than just sitting at this computer and skimming the forums on Etsy and playing games on Pogo, and now coming here to just run off at the fingertips.

It really is very boring! But I just can't get up enough energy to do something constructive....Oh I did actually clean off the top of my stove, which really needed to be done, but other than that, I feel like my cats; just lying around, eating and sleeping! Oh and yeah, they have managed to acquire some fleas that are driving them crazy...luckily I don't happen to have that problem as well.

What more can happen around here to make my life a misery! The heat and tropical humidity today were terrible, so that's my excuse for not mowing the lawn at least. The weekend is supposed to be quite cool for August, so it will be the perfect time to do some garden and lawn work.

If I can ever figure out how to add pictures to this thing, I'll put up a few shots of the cats, as well as some of the garments I've made that are not for sale on private wardrobe pieces and exhibit pieces.

I hear Pogo calling, so will sign off for today.............................

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