Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hey...My Poster was one of the winning 60 chosen on Etsy!

Wow!! Etsy had a poster contest using their Treasury format, and the poster that I curated was one of 60 which is going to be printed up to hand out at craft fairs and in publicity mailings!

That's pretty cool! None of my work was chosen for a poster, but that's ok, as they said they will be publicizing the curators, as well as those people whose work is shown. I'm ok with that I think.

Announcement was made this afternoon, and I just happened to find it in the forums.

Spent most of the afternoon scanning and editing fabric for the Fabric Annex, and put up 4 different groupings of plaid charm squares. Would be nice to sell those after all the time it took to cut each one out individually!

Guess I'll go and list a couple more Halloween cards. Have about 5 left that haven't been seen before, so it's about time to get them up there.


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