Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fabric Annex starting to get some big sales!

Wow, I listed some plaid squares that I hand cut a few years ago for a quilt, and sold 2 of the 4 listed bundles within 20 hours of listing!

That's something new and different! Now I can pay for all the listings I've put up for Fat Quarters, where I don't make a thing after Etsy and Paypal charges.....probably not even what I originally paid for the fabric itself. oh well....atleast I'm making a little dent in my collection.

It's really humid and heavy here in Connecticut today, so have the windows and doors closed now, so that I can breath. Would you believe I have only taken out 3 items from my Summer closet so far this season? I've been staying home so much, there's no need to make the big switch I guess.

I really must do some work on the Altered Book project, as Elena wants it in her hands before the middle of September to show some book sellers she deals with. This weekend it's supposed to be really Fallish, so maybe I can work on the second floor and not get over heated. Would like to do atleast 4 more double page spreads before sending it to her. Have everything in boxes by theme, just have to get motivated....therein lies the rub....most of the time I'd rather sit here and play Pogo word games, or surf with "stumble upon".

Really have to get my act together soon! Also have to start creating some jewelry and handbags for the Christmas sale the first weekend of December. That was a really successful sale for me last year, and it was the first "craft show" I had done in probably 25 to 30 years! The jewelry went the best , although a few other items seemed popular also.

Going to go now and start a new handbag design construction. Hope it lives up to my expectations!

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