Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Artsy Daze...My perpetual state of mind!

A new beginning, a new way of communicating, and another step on the internet highway. It seems peculiar to be writing something open to public view, but having performed on stage and in front of classrooms of students for years, I guess this is not a whole lot different...just silent, as apposed to spoken verbiage.

The title says a great deal about me, and my way of life. I seem to be constantly working on some aspect of art, whether it is clipping magazine pictures for collage work, or going through my fabric stash to decide what to sell in the Fabric Annex on Etsy, or sewing a garment, handbag or wallhanging for Eclectic Oddities, my first and longest lived shop on Etsy.

Of course, not all of my time is taken up with such endeavors, there's the feeding of my 4 cats, and the neighborhood strays that I keep alive and well by feeding them twice a day, and the picking up of clumps of cat hair, the occasional hairball, and other such disagreeable chores.

But all in all, if I'm not haunting the Etsy forums, I'm doing something constructive to keep me out of trouble in my retirement years.

I can't believe it has been 13 years since I took early retirement from teaching Art and Theatre at the high school level. It has absolutely flown by, with a few bumps in the time line, but not so bad that I couldn't bounce back after a while.

Currently I have become somewhat of a hermit, spending days at a time without driving the car or going outside other than to feed the local cats. It feels good not to "have" to go anywhere. Today was the first appointment I have had in 3 weeks, and felt like a big deal to try to find something appropriate to wear to a doctor's appointment. Somehow a pair of shorts and a T-shirt just wouldn't do.

Now I have the rest of the week to "play" and will only go out to get some groceries and maybe a trip to Costco for some necessities.

Think I've come to the point where I must put my body to bed, so will end this rather revealing post for the time being and perhaps edit it tomorrow....or I should say, this afternoon!

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